Horizontal Vibrating Screens

Horizontal Vibrating Screens are usually used for percolation and dewatering applications. CWP’s Horizontal Screens are produced in 2 types as welded and complete bolt junction body design. They are used in mining sector for high level screening, dewatering and draining applications of coal, gold, iron, lead, chrome, sand etc.


  • Body is made of nodular cast iron and durable against vibration.
  • Bearings have 50.000 hours working life for
  • vibrating loads
  • There is vee belt drive between the vibrating
  • mechanism  and the electric motor.
  • Screen body is installed on spiral coils.


  • Welded body is a durable built design.
  • Complete bolt junctioned type body is a design which allows piece-by-piece replacement of the worn parts in a couple of hours .
  • They can also be manufactured with custom body designs in order to meet special needs or special screens surfaces.

Available Sizes:

  • Width: 0,9 mt and 3,6 mt
  • Length: 3 mt and 7,2 mt